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Gone are the days when VR gaming experience was mere demos, few work-in- progress games or some modes that would leave you panting to taste the thrill of virtual world. After an intensive research by our outstanding team, we have compiled a list of top VR games and VR experiences that will awe you, scare you, thrill you and lend you to experience a never before felt range of emotions and excitement. Games are a big part of the Virtual Reality Industry. There are games made especially for Virtual Reality and many more are currently under development by the best game developers in the World amd in order to create new games and experience for VR. Games are certainly the best way to experience a Virtual Reality Headset in a meaningful way and there are already many Virtual Reality PC games available on the market. 

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You will find below  a list of the Best PC and Laptops for Virtual Reality and VR gaming. We also present a list of the best and the most exciting virtual reality Games and VR experiences available on the Market.

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Games for HTC Vive Headset

Fantastic Contraption
This VR game is essentially about building well, weird and fantastic contraptions to solve little puzzles. This Game is a machine building puzzle but where the machines are as big as a human.

This VR game combines a mix of exercise and gaming as you have to hit glowing orbs racing at you played to your favorite tunes (you can upload your own music).

The Gallery: Call of the Starseed
This is a fantasy adventure game about the search for your missing sister. There is lots of exploring and picking objects to discover. The first episode of The Gallery transports you to a moody island where you are walking around in real space to explore corners of the environment, and then picking up objects by reaching out and grabbing them. 

Space Pirate Trainer
This game puts a pair of guns in your hands and throws waves of fast-moving drones at you. The user can experience multiple firing modes on the guns for different shooting styles.

Games for Oculus Rift VR Headset

Lucky's Tale
This VR game lets you race through trees, dodge swamp puts, battle bosses and even play mini-games all as Lucky the little fox.

Dragon Front
This is a VR card collecting game and this is all about strategy. You will see your cards coming to life.

EVE Valkyrie
This is a VR multiplayer game in the EVE Online universe where you play a rookie, guided by female pilot  through some tutorial missions. Users can expect a Fun, Fast and Futuristic experience.

The gamer is on a quest to save his homeland from great evil and there is a labyrinth, monsters, and all presented in a beautiful Virtual Reality world. 

Surgeon Simulator 2013
This VR game is a realistic medical simulator of Operation where the user is a surgeon and he has to perform various procedures and advanced surgery on his unfortunate patient (including heart and brain transplants). You can experience surgical procedures in realistic 3D with this Virual Reality game. 

Games for PlayStation VR

Final Fantasy XIV 
This game was presented at the Tokyo Games Show and Sony said that FF14 would have Virtual Reality aspects to it. To be followed.

Rigs: Mechanized Combat League
This VR multiplayer game is a three-on-three future sports with weaponised mechs for your characters to climb into and where you have to shoot your opponents to slow them down in the real task .

London Heist: Getaway
The user of this VR game is in a moving car shooting at the burly Londoners on motorbikes chasing him. 

Super Hypercube
This game is a 3D puzzler similar to Tetris but blocks are added, walls rotate, etc - Expect mayhem in this VR game. 

Other Popular Games with Virtual Reality Headsets

This is a strategy puzzle game with arcade style gameplay, gorgeous visuals and a 360 degree view of the nodes you are hacking. 

Hero Battle
This game seem to be similar to Legend of Zelda. 

VR Karts: Sprint 
This is similar to Mario Kart but much better with nine racing tracks and single player, championship and online multiplayer modes. 

Temple Run VR
Endless running comes to Virtual Reality with this version of Temple Run and user can expect  to have to run away from the beasts.

Alien Isolation
This is a masterful conversion of the Alien movie into a survival game that is allowing players to take the role of Ripley's daughter. Users can expect an utterly terrifying and hardcore VR experience. 

Who doesn't know about this Game...but imagine exploring this very popular game with Virtual Reality!

Job Simulator
This VR game takes the user, a regular human residing in the year 2050, in a museum-theme park operated by robots that simulates the menial jobs of the 21st century. Players can choose between four jobs: Office Worker, Gourmet Chef, Store Clerk and Auto Mechanic.

Assetto Corsa
This is a car game in Virtual Reality and gamers are allowed to add all sorts of fancy new cars and tracks onto a superb driving system.

Dear Esther
This is an exploration game, where you walk all over a remote Scottish island, plumbing its depths and heights. Great VR experience too.

Dying Light
This is a zombie survival action game, mingled with gruesome melee combat and many other bits nicked from Dead Rising - it's a wonderful world to wander around, before zombies tear you apart. 

Elite: Dangerous
Some gamers say that this VR game is like being in the best Star Wars space battle ever and where you can stand up and walk around your cockpit. Enjoy the fly into a planet’s ring system. This game is a convincing virtual reality experience. 
Euro Truck Simulator  
This game is about driving trucks around Europe and delivering goods between depots, and obeying the rules of the road. The Virtual Reality support is fantastic. 

This is a survival and diving game on a distant ocean world, where you have to craft equipment, pilot submarines, and survive hostile wildlife, volcanoes, and more. 

Grand Theft Auto 
This is a famous Driving Game and available with Virtual Reality.

The Climb
Beautifully rendered scenery makes extreme hiking easy. This is a good VR game to showcase Virtual Reality to your friends, colleagues and family.

Temple Run VR
Shooting Showdown 2

Hover Junkers

What is the difference between a Virtual Reality Game and a VR experience ?

VR games and VR experiences are two different entities when it comes to virtual reality. The games provide users with something similar to the traditional game setup while an experience is slightly different and can be similar to swimming in the ocean with whales and sharks, to taking an helicopter tour between skyscrapers or even climbing the Mount Everest. Both are very special and described as magical but the virtual reality experiences are very different. 2016 is the first official year of Virtual Reality with many manufacturers proposing their Virtual Reality Headsets. The most popular VR headsets are HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, Playstation VR, Homido, etc
There is also  a huge selection of games to choose from for gamers and users who have a vr headset. Click here to view the best Virtual Reality Headsets for PC.


Best Virtual Reality Experiences

This VR experience puts you at the top of Mount Everest  and  will guide you across icy caverns and up precariously placed ladders to reach the summit.
Discover and experience places that are usually difficult to reach. 

This app for Android and iOS grants you a 360-degree tour of the England soccer Stadium and plonks you in the middle of a training pitch as the ladies team passes rings around you.

This VR experience  brings a scene from the Locke & Key storyline to life in full Virtual Reality. 

This VR Experience allows the user to experience the entire moon landing from the perspective of Neil Armstrong. 

This VR experience is for Classical music fans and will transport you into the middle of a performance by the Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra. All of the 

This VR experience makes you travel to the best tourist attractions or natural beauty spots around the world without leaving the sofa. There is more than  3,000 locations to choose from and the user has the ability to bookmark images and more.

This is a browser where VR users can open up sites via voice or by selecting from favorites like YouTube and many more sites. 

This VR experience let you hang out with other VR users in rooms and environments  and you can turn to face each other as you chat. 

This VR experience will make you feel  like you are at a sports or news event (ex: Gov Debate, US open, NASCAR, etc). 

This Virtual Reality experience makes you go on auto-pilot around the solar system and you can look up, down and all around…looking at planets, moons, stars and asteroids.

This VR experience gives you access to spherical content from Getty Images and to 80 million+ image archives. 

This VR experience lets you tap to add musical notes, change effects, add drums, Jam with random people in a multiplayer mode and more. 

This VR experience lets you download and view movie and TV streaming service in a private and virtual space.

This VR experience is a tribute to the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh and lets you walk around and inside his paintings, his room and more. them. It can feel like intruding on someone else's dream. 

This VR experience is like an interactive  TV show which enfolds in front of you.

CIRQUE DU SOLEIL - Inside the box of Kurios
This VR experience lets you go inside the Box of Kurios show and you get access to a private performance of Cirque du Soleil. 

This VR experience is an animation by Tyler Hurd that is short, special and sweet. 

This VR  app is designed for Rose lovers.  

OCULUS 360 TOURS - world vr
This VR experience is only the beginning of virtual tourism. 


Virtual Reality and the Adult Industry (18+)

The Company Pornhub has launched a free VR porn channel. To learn more about this Adult Virtual Reality experience - Click here  (For ADULTS ONLY). The Pornhub Virtual Reality library is available for PC users along with iOS and Android users but due to file format support, mobile users have to use a dedicated VR video player application to stream the content - example: Google VR Cardboard. 


There are many cool Virtual Reality Games and Experiences to try and it is only the beginning of this VR World. Feel free to contact us if you want to share or to recommend a Virtual reality game for PC or a cool VR experience to us.



VR Games Categories

Below is a list of the most popular categories for Virtual Reality Games and for the Gaming industry. Games for VR will certainly continue to evolve in the coming years...and decades. Currently, the most popular gaming markets are the MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role playing game), FPSs (First Person Shooter), sports games, action games and real-time strategy games.

Action Virtual Reality Games
Platform games
Shooter games
Fighting games and beat 'em ups

Action-adventure Virtual Reality Games
Stealth game
Survival horror

Virtual Reality Adventure Games
Text adventures
Graphic adventures
Visual novels
Interactive movie
Real-time 3D adventures

Virtual Reality Role Playing games
Action RPG
Tactical RPG
Sandbox RPG
Cultural differences

Virtual Reality Simulation Games
Construction and management simulation
Life simulation
Vehicle simulation

Virtual Reality Strategy Games

Artillery game
Real-time strategy (RTS)
Real-time tactics (RTT)
Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA)
Tower defense
Turn-based strategy (TBS)
Turn-based tactics (TBT)
Grand strategy wargame

Virtual Reality Sports Games
Sports game
Sports-based fighting

Other Virtual Reality Games genre
Casual game
Music game
Party game
Programming game
Logic game
Trivia game
Board game / Card game
Christian game
Educational game
Pornographic video game
Scientific studies