Virtual Reality Applications. Best VR Apps

Best Virtual Reality Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.

Some VR applications allows you to climb the Mount Everest, to take a virtual roller coaster ride or to take a virtual tour through a futuristic skyscraper city lying in the middle of the ocean. Below is a list of the best virtual reality apps for smartphones (Android, iOS) and other mobile devices. These VR apps are good to explore if you are getting started with the Virtual Reality World.

Best Mobile VR Apps (Free)

Google Cardboard App

This app is available for iOS and Android and it is a great application for people who wants to experience virtual reality. The app features guided tours of places around the world while also offering a Virtual Reality video player and photo viewer. Google Cardboard is an amazing toy and a great gift idea that allows to turn any Android 4.1+ smartphone into a virtual reality headset for a low cost (below $20).

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Best Google Cardboard Apps

All you need is a smartphone and a Google Cardboard headset.

Google Cardboard Camera
This app is for taking 360-degree panoramas with your phone and you can then scroll around the photo in the gallery viewer to see the entire room or place where you were.
With the Cardboard Camera application you can capture something similar as a stereoscopic panorama and that you can view with Google Cardboard. You can also record audio.

VR Cinema 
This app lets you watch any video stored on your phone on a cinematic screen. This video viewer can be very good with the right movie. 

This is a fantastic Virtual Reality simulator that puts you in the best seat of this terrifying ride as it twists turns up and down and around! You pass by city buildings and skyscrapers and you can look up, look side to side and look down!


This VR app for Google Cardboard will give you a new perspective on real world places that we can’t visit in person. The images of the most famous tourist hotspots across the world are created using Google’s photo sphere technology. Wow! 

Hang Gliding 
This Virtual reality app is from the same developer as Rollercoaster. You can see a big mountain rapidly apporoaching your face or  abeautiful sky or a sea below you. 

Dive Deep 
This VR application will take you down to the depths of the ocean where you can swim among colorful fish, sharks and whales. This is a great app if you want to explore the ocean and marine world.. 


This VR app lets you capture and share your own photorealistic world by merging image, depth, and movement into a scene, video, GIF, or JPEG. The application facilitates the creation of your own 3D scenes, complete with adjustable depth of field and artistic filters. You can also share your creations on social networks and much more.

Most Popular Virtual Reality Apps

YouTube 360

This VR app is one of the most popular for 360-degree and it offers videos to watch on its service, from wildlife to music videos. 

This Virtual Reality app is a great tool for documentary-makers to give another dimension and perspective to their movies. You will find music videos and also more serious videos exploring our World. 

This VR app is taking you from the depths of the ocean to the surface of some Planets, via the Top of One World Trade Center. Very nice Virtual Reality experience.

InCell VR
This VR app as an educational part to it because there is  some science to it. You can look at the recreation of human cells with the feeling that you are flying through them. There is also a game part to this VR app that involves racing through the colourful environment of a virus. 

This popular VR application RYOT is offering a series of virtual reality documentaries with an emphasis on serious issues such as: riots, refugees, earthquakes and other social and natural topics. 

Tilt Brush Gallery

This Virtual Reality application allows artists (from amateurs to professionals) to create an artistic masterpiece in a virtual reality world. It's a pretty cool vr app if you have some artistic talents.

Fulldive VR

This Virtual Reality app is for Android devices only and it displays 3D & 360-degree videos from YouTube natively, and includes a Virtual reality video player, Virtual reality browser, a VR camera and a 360 degree VR photo gallery to view photos. 

VR Ride- Ocean City

This VR app allows you to take a virtual roller coaster ride through Ocean City; a futuristic skyscraper city lying in the middle of the ocean. 

VR Cave

This Virtual eality app is similar to VR Ride but the user will experience the real life sensation in 3D of a cave and an exciting environment below ground surface.

VR JurassicLand
This VR app can be a lot of fun if your kids love dinosaurs because you get to sit in a Jurassic Park style Jeep and you can go offroad to meet the dinosaurs. There are five gentle and giant dinosaurs to meet including T-Rex, Giganotosaurus, Apatosaurus, Euoplocephalus and Triceratops.

Virtual Reality Game Apps

Using Google Cardboard VR headset or other VR headsets for smartphones (Click here). The applications below don't require keyboard or other gaming accessories.

End Space VR 

This virtual reality app is for Android devices and it allows the user to pilot a space ship and shoot down enemies in virtual reality experience. There are three environments to choose from and that helps to keep things interesting.

Voxel Fly VR

This VR game allows the user to take place into a cockpit of a ship and facing a fleet of flying cars head-on. 

Radial-G Infinity

This Virtual Reality Game puts you into a spacecraft with enemies on your tail. Some users might say that it's a lot like Temple Run in that you collect boosts and other goodies to outsmart the bad people, but it's wrapped in a very futuristic style. 

Vanguard V

This VR app also allows the user to Fly through space but until you encounter the asteroid belt. You'll have to find your way through the many obstacles that you will experiment in this game. 

VR GunDefense
This Virtual Reality app is also available for Google Cardboard and it doesn't require a keyboard or joystick. This game is apparently quite simple but it can be fun for people who likes zombie world and Gun defense type of games.

Chair in a Room

This VR app is a suspense/horror type of game where the user is trapped in a dark room with nothing but a flashlight. 

InMind VR
This Virtual Reality game concentrates on getting inside the human brain to track down the neurons that cause mental illness. There are excellent graphics and the user has to target and neutralize the cells. See also InCell app if you like this type of VR game.

Pokemon GO with Virtual Reality

The Popular POKEMON GO works with the Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset. People with Smartphones are able to play the popular Pokemon GO game with this user friendly and low cost VR headset. Enjoy!

As you can see from the Virtual Reality applications above, there are many Mobile VR apps available and this market will continue to grow in the next few years.
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