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You don't have to spend a fortune to experience Virtual Reality and to play games using this amazing technology. You can buy a Virtual Reality Headset for smartphone for less than $20. Below is a list of the Best Mobile Virtual Reality Headsets and a list of the most popular virtual reality accessories in the VR industry. There is a need for accessories and peripherals that comes with Virtual Reality and iIt also brings new challenges to inventors, businesses and developers. Visit the VR apps page to see a list of the most popular Virtual Reality Applications for your smartphones.

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Virtual Reality Headsets for Phones

Google CardBoard VR headset

*Price: $9.99 

Made of cardboard, the Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset looks like it cannot be outdone in terms of probably the lowest cost to experience virtual reality.  Very easy to assemble and use, it can easily transcend any Apple or Android Smartphone into a super immersive VR experience.

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NOON Virtual Reality Headset

*Price: $69.99 or less

Turn your Smartphone of 4.7 inch or larger display into a VR device to experience a true immersive VR experience. With low latency, optimized use with headset, superior eye-tracking, tap technology, the unit eliminates any hassle of extra side control buttons and even facilitates transforming videos and clips on your Smartphones in a different format to taste the extra immersive viewing.

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Google Virtual Reality Headset  - Daydream (for smartphones)


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Samsung Gear Virtual Reality headset  - 2015  -  Gear VR 2016  - Gear 360 Virtual Reality Camera


*Price: $79.99 or less  - Buy Now

You can experience Virtual Reality at its best with the Samsung Gear VR headset and easily change your smartphone to the virtual world. This VR headset is technically an Oculus Rift and only requires to insert the mobile device (specifically for a Samsung handset). Just stick on the handset and step into the virtual reality world! This is a very good choice for the price.

Virtual Reality Camera (Gear 360) to Shoot 360 Video - Learn more

*Price: $349.99  - Buy Now

Samsung products for Virtual Reality

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Homido Virtual Reality Headset

*Price: $59.00 or less

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Habor 3D Virtual Reality Glasses

*Price: $20.99 or less

Whether you wish to experience any IMAX movie or any thrilling 3D games, all you need to do is adorn Habor 3D VR Glasses and plunge into action! With its ergonomic design and fantastic specifications, the unit is compatible with all Smartphones with screen size between 4.0 - 6.0 inches.

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VR Box Glasses

*Price: $12.99 or less

Constructed of ABS and spherical resin lens materials, the unit boasts of being environment friendly. Very convenient and easy to use, the unit does not let you experience visual fatigue or dizziness even after prolonged use. Experience super exciting immersive sensations with the unit!

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DESTEK  VR Headset

*Price: $20.99 or less

A well made and comfortable headset to wear for long hours, the unit misses the magnetic switch which is used to switch apps.  It’s the exclusive brand to use Frensnel lenses for greater clarity and focus. A lightweight unit, it’s an average choice.

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Enjoy the Virtual Reality World with the Best VR headsets for smartphones !